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Zinc as element

Zinc: an abundant element

Zinc is the 24th most abundant element in the Earth´s crust and the world´s reserves are estimated at 2000 million tonnes.   Nowadays 75% of zinc used in the combined total employed in building applications, the metallurgical industry and for medicinal purposes comes from mines.  In order to increase the efficiency of zinc extraction (and therefore preserve the reserves), the mining industry is investing in new techniques and technologies.  The remainder comes from recycling or from the refinement of the secondary zinc.

Zinc: a natural and essential elemnt

Zinc is an abundant mineral in nature, being found in water, air, soil and rocks. It is a natural component in the Earth’s crust, and therefore an integral part of our environment.  It has an average natural concentration of 70mg/kg.

Zinc is essential to the survival of any living organism, including humans.  Among other things, zinc is crucial for cell regeneration, growth activation, the development of vital organs and for the immune system.