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Honeycomb panel

Main features

  • elZinc® faced aluminium honeycomb panel.
  • Perfect flatness.
  • Extremely rigid, very large panel sizes possible.
  • Bespoke, point fixing system reduces sub structure costs.
  • Quick and easy precision installation.
  • Wrap around edges for added safety.



The rigidity of the elZinc® honeycomb material allows for very large panel sizes to be installed, either horizontally or vertically.  At present, finished panels of 936mm x 8000mm are possible, but the maximum width will soon increase to around 1220mm.  This makes for a very bold statement across the façade, with a minimum number of joints.  The perfect flatness of the panels contributes to a sensation of solidity and robustness.

The panel

1. elZinc® panel skin
2. Adhesive
3. Aluminium honeycomb core
4. elZinc® honeycomb panel
5. Point fixing system


The 20mm reveal joints can be left open or alternatively can be closed from the inside if desired.  The outside elZinc® skin wraps around the edges and laps back onto the inside skin, where the two sheets are riveted together, producing a fail-safe fixing method of the panels to the supporting structure.


The panels are installed on a bespoke point fixing system, specially designed to make the most of the extreme rigidity of the panel, eliminating the need for metal rails and reducing costs as a consequence.  The fixing system is fully adjustable in three directions, facilitating perfect alignment of the panels.  Its design also compensates for the thermal expansion and contraction of the panels. The system also allows for panel replacement without having to disturb adjoining panels, including corners.

Panel Fabrication

Fabrication of the panels is carried out by standard CNC milling machines and a specially modified edging machine.  This can be done either to order by elZinc® or by the cladding contractor.


The entire system (panel + fixing system) is certified under the European Technical Assessment, part of the European Commission. The product has European Assessment Document (EAD) number ETA 16/0415 OF 23/05/2016. EAD’s in the UK are recognized by BBA as being equivalent to BBA certificates