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Perforated zinc solutions for façades

Main features of the perforated zinc facade

The perforated zinc façade is an exterior cladding that offers numerous functional and decorative advantages.

Thanks to the intrinsic properties of the material, the wide range of elZinc finishes and the numerous perforation patterns, zinc perforated facades have a unique aesthetic and adapt to the requirements of regulation or technical performance.

La façade perforée en zinc

Our five families of perforated products

elZinc® perforated
With 10 standard designs screening possibilities that can be incorporated into the building envelope are numerous.
Special perforated designs
In collaboration with Atelier d’architecture Janez Nguyen Architectes, we have created three exclusive perforated designs.
elZinc® 3d
Screens with 3D structures dynamise your façades.
elZinc® Image
From a photo or an image, we "draw" the façade you have designed.
elZinc® Expanded
A wide range of solutions in expanded zinc or expanded rolled zinc

Common general attributes and characteristics

Controlled transparency.

The free area of the panels can be easily varied

Singularity and Character.

Designs can be customised to the individual needs of the project

Light weight.

elZinc screens are made from thin gauge metal and the perforation reduces their mass further while offering high mechanical strength.


Installation solutions are normally simple, and do not blow up the budget.


Perforated zinc is readily available and easy to install.


The perforated zinc façade can be purely decorative or form part of the overall building structure.

Easy to install.

Installation solutions are often simple and economical.

Thermal comfort.

Ideal for use as solar screens, they help reduce heat build-up from the sun inside buildings.

A1 fire rating

Zinc offers excellent fire resistance.

Does not require post-painting treatment.

Thanks to the patina it develops, it is self-protecting.
Fachadas Perforadas elZinc


elZinc Rainbow®

elZinc Alkimi®