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elZinc Alkimi®

Pure elegance

Zinc cladding and roofing allows a great deal of freedom when designing. The elZinc Alkimi® aesthetic finishes give character and authenticity to your architectural projects.

Manufactured from elZinc® Natural, according to EN988 and ASTM B-69 standards, through a unique surface treatment carried out with elZinc technology and know-how, the elZinc Alkimi® range respects and maintains intact the zinc´s original properties. Zinc cladding and roofing contributes to create a unique style and confers undeniable aesthetic value to buildings.

Used alone or combined, the shades that compose elZinc Alkimi® – currently the widest on the market – reveal the shapes, the volumes and the textures of architecture.

Zinc prepatinado

elZinc® Lifetime Warranty

Quality and innovation are the cornerstones of our company around which we focus the development of ground breaking products adapted to the market and the needs of our customers. To achieve this, we rely on a large R&D team that strives to continuously improve our products and the development of new solutions.

Our commitment to the customer is paramount. We work together in the development and improvement of our products based on their specific needs, guaranteeing they consistently receive high quality, durable architectural zinc.

The lifetime guarantee we offer – unique in the sector – reflects the reliability of our elZinc Astur® and elZinc Slate® finishes. With more than a decade on the market, we have accredited their quality, solidifying our commitment to our customers.