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Zinc sheets and coils

High quality rolled zinc

Using the most advanced technologies currently available on the market and instigating strict quality controls, elZinc® produces zinc sheets and coils of the highest quality that exceed the requirements of both the European standard EN988 and the American ASTM B69-13 standard.

Used in facades, roofing, rainwater drainage systems or in interior decoration, our zinc rolled products are exported all over the world.

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Zinc sheets

Main advantages of elZinc® rolled products

Durability and warranties

elZinc® is highly resistant to corrosion. We stand behind this by offering a lifetime guarantee on the entire elZinc Alkimi® range.


elZinc® is a contemporary material which is perfectly suited to all types of architecture, both in classical and modern.


Zinc is one of the few materials used in construction that can be recycled indefinitely without losing its physical and chemical characteristics.


elZinc® conforms to practically any shape including bends and complex geometric forms. This gives architects great freedom in their designs.

Unique width

elZinc® is the only manufacturer in the world able produce zinc coils and sheets up to 1340mm wide. Please see elZinc® Big Dimensions.

Fire behaviour

All our ranges of aesthetic and technical finishes have the best reaction to fire qualities. They are classified as A1 – non-combustible.

Main features of zinc sheets and coils

Made of zinc with a minimum initial purity of 99.995% as per EN 1179, elZinc sheets and coils are characterised by:

  • High malleability in any rolling direction.
  • High stability after forming.
  • Optimal electrowelding performance due to low surface oil.
  • Low-cold temperature brittleness.
Zinc sheets and coils

Zinc coils and sheets are available in the following finishes

elZinc Alkimi®

elZinc Rainbow® black

elZinc Rainbow® gold

elZinc Rainbow® brown

elZinc Rainbow® red

elZinc Rainbow® blue

elZinc Rainbow® green

Technical finishes

Read about the technical solutions we have developed for those zinc projects that require additional protection.

How are elZinc® coils and sheets manufactured?

Fundición de zinc y colada

1. Melting and casting

Production of the Ti-Zn-Cu alloy and 12-ton, 8 mm lap thick master coils.

Laminacion de zinc

2. Rolling

Master coils are rolled on a reversible, four-high mill to produce the desired thickness.

3. Cutting and packing

Sheets and coils are cut to the final width and length and packed for shipment.

Acabados de zinc

4. Special finishes

Production of the pre-patinated surface finishes.

Coils and sheets

Available manufacturing options:

  • Rolling thicknesses: from 0,2 mm to 3 mm
  • Rolling widths: from 70 mm to 1.340 mm
  • Coil weights: from 50 kg to 10.000 kg


Download here all the information about elZinc® coils and sheets:

elZinc® datasheet