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Zinc coils and sheets formats and dimensions

Zinc sheets and coils formats and dimensions


elZinc® is one of the most hard-wearing metals used in the construction sector. In order to preserve its qualities and ensure it maintains its principle characteristic – its high resistance to corrosion- it is important to bear in mind the recommendations  in our technical manuals “Handling storage and Transport”, and the  “Installation guide”.

The following are the basic rules which must be followed in each stage of the process.


During its placement it is absolutely necessary to follow these guidelines:

  • Suitability: Make sure that the zinc is compatible with the materials it will be in contact with.
  • Ventilation: To avoid risks from condensation, the material covering the zinc must be suitably ventilated.
  • Expansion: This must be borne in mind during installation to ensure airtightness.


elZinc´s products must be protected from bad weather and they should be stored in:

  • Dry, closed and well ventilated places.
  • Places that protect them from possible contamination by products or elements used or produced during the work (cement dust, dust from plaster…)
  • Avoid storing elZinc products in direct contact with the ground. The minimum recommended separation height is 10 cm.


elZinc’s material must be transported and unloaded on a stable base in order to avoid possible knocks and deformations.


elZinc’s products must be:

  • Protected from damp and bad weather
  • Transported using suitable pallets which have been correctly stored.
  • Transported in closed vehicles.