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elZinc Big Dimensions

Main characteristics

Think bigger, build with elZinc! The architectural possibilities with zinc are exceptional.
Find out a world of opportunities and new solutions adapted to the size of your projects.

The same range and quality as your usual elZinc products, but in dimensions unique in the market, with maximum flatness and spectacular results. elZinc coils and sheets are now available up to 1340mm wide.
elZinc offer the only titanium zinc available on the market in these dimensions.

Design bigger

Standard sizes of sheets and coils

  • Widths: up to 1340mm
  • Thicknesses: from 0.3mm to 2.5mm
  • Sheets: Available up to 1340x5000mm

Main advantages

  • Making internal gutters and other flashings wider than ever (>1000mm)
  • Wider solutions which improve efficiency and reduce installation time for sinusoidal, trapezoidal and other systems.
  • Better use of material thanks to improved optimization of slitting.
  • Wider composite and honeycomb panels than current market standards.


elZinc Alkimi®

elZinc Rainbow®