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Storage and transportation

Reception in warehouses

Coils should be unpacked and carefully inspected for visible defects. In winter months unpacking should be carried out immediately after unloading and placing within the warehouse, allowing any condensate which may form to evaporate.


Transportation to the building site

Unloading on the building site

Long trays and panels are best offloaded using crates. These can be used for site storage, and collected later for re-use.

The material should be properly protected from the weather, and securely packed to avoid damage during transport, even on short journeys.

Handling and carrying trays and panels

Careless handling can introduce kinks, buckling and general unevenness in the trays. Follow the instructions below to minimise this.


Pick up trays and shingles lifting from the centre of one side first, to the vertical.

Carry trays, shingles and panels in the vertical to avoid buckling of the seams or hems. Shingles are especially easy to buckle. Avoid moving long pieces in windy weather.

Long trays, panels etc. are to be held every 3m maximum. Shingles every 2m.