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Engineered façades

These are façades that are constructed using self-supporting panels fixed or attached back to metal rails. Proper installation means not only the correct fixing of the zinc itself, but also the correct design and installation of the supporting structure.

The principal systems are:

  • Façade panel
  • elZinc® composite material
  • elZinc® honeycomb panel

Common characteristics

Rainscreen design

The joints between the panels are not 100% weather-tight, allowing some rainwater to drain down the backside of the panels during windy and rainy weather. A vented cavity behind the panels allows any moisture to evaporate and keeps the insulation dry. It also dissipates any moisture vapor that has penetrated through the insulation from the inside of the building.

Recessed joints

Shadow joints are normally used between the panels. The façade panel system uses a tongue and groove joint, but cassette panels (whether single skin or composite) are not physically connected together and sit independently on the façade, as do face-fixed composite panels. Hidden fix systems work by hanging the panels onto the supporting substructure.

Use of a metal supporting system

The system will usually allow for adjustment in two or three directions, depending on the structure behind. Most panel types fit back to a metal rail sub-construction.

Robust aesthetics

The joints between the panels create strong lines over the façade. The panel faces are flat (with none of the oil canning associated with traditional systems) and so create a solid look to the façade.

Principal engineered façade systems

Façade panel
Single skin self-supporting panels with tongue and groove joint.
Composite panel
It consists of two elZinc® sheets continuously bonded to a ridged core.
Honeycomb panel
Formed by 2 elZinc® skins bonded to both faces of an aluminium honeycomb core.
Designing with elZinc
Zinc is an excellent roofing and cladding material which will give long service if installed properly.