Composite panel

Key points

  • Excellent flatness and rigidity.
  • Large panel sizes possible (1000mm x 8000mm max.) depending on installation system.
  • PE and FR* core (B s1 d0 according to EN13501) available.
  • Can be curved.
  • Easy and fast installation.
  • Various fixing options and sub structure types available.

Hung Cassettes

1. elZinc® composite material
2. elZinc® composite panel
3. Flange reinforcement
4. Adjustable wall bracket
5. Panel support with anti-vibration sleeve
6. Top hat profile

Tongue and groove system

Cassette system with simplified panel preparation. Best in horizontal layouts – vertical panel edges are un-supported so panel height is limited – consult elZinc® for maximum panel height

1. elZinc® composite panel
2. Extruded aluminium profiles
3. Adjustable wall bracket
4. Top hat profile

Rivetted system

Simple and economical. Horizontal and vertical layouts possible

1. elZinc® composite material
2. Rivet fixing around elZinc composite
3. Transome fixing bracket
4. Adjustable wall bracket
5. Top hat profile

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