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Asturiana de Laminados, S.A. has developed instructions and recommendations – published on this website and on other printed documents – with the aim of providing a better service for its customers. It is generic information for standard installation of elZinc® products in a European climate.

This information must not substitute the considerations and requirements that, in each project, architects, designers and consultants may offer.

Asturiana de Laminados, S.A. does not accept any responsability therefore for any damage incurred to third parties, directly or indirectly by the misapplication, misinterpretation or general incorrect use of the information contained in all its tools and documents, exonerating itself from all and any responsibily deriving from this document, within the legal framework established and applicable in each case.

We remind readers that Asturiana de Laminados, S.A. provides an advisory service to assist in the interpretation and use of this information should any doubts arise in this regards.