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Special perforated designs

Main features

With modern perforation technology, perforated elZinc® façades can be taken to the next level by introducing patterns over the panels. In this way, all the advantages of elZinc standard perforated panels are combined with
designs that create textures and layers that really make the façade sing, and truly come to life.

elZinc® boasts three such designs, created together with the authors of the beautiful St-Louis nursery school in Paris featured above, Janez-Nguyen Architectes.

If however, you would like to explore other possibilities, elZinc’s technical department is at your disposal to assist in the creation of a project specific design.

Fachadas Perforadas elZinc

Delivery formats

The above designs are available in the following formats:

The full range of elZinc® finishes is available in all of the patterns.

Unperforated edges
Customer defined

Other information
The material is supplied with protective foil on one side.

DesignWidth (mm)Length (mm)Thickness (mm)
St-Louis250 panel face widthUp to 4000mm1,00mm
St-Michel225 panel face widthUp to 4000mm1,00mm
St-GermainAccording to the tile1,00mm


elZinc Rainbow®

elZinc Alkimi®