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Training / Technical Assistance

Your project not only requires the best product but also personalized technical advise. To the end, elZinc has made available a wide network of technical advisers.

Comprehensive project consultation service

  • Selection of suitable products and system.. We will help you to choose the product/system combination that is best suited to your architectural vision.
  • Ideas on the layout design, especially important on façades, with the aid of 3D rendered models. Advice, tips and ideas in order to reflect the message that you want the design to communicate through the “face” of the façade
  • Cladding build-up design, in order to ensure an effective building envelope.
  • Detail development. We help you to choose the details that best suit the project.
  • Specification writing, in order to ensure that what has been designed will be faithfully carried out on-site.
  • A cost estimate , including the installation and supporting materials, for budgetary purposes.
  • A list of specialist hard metal roofing contractors in your area in order to ensure the material is in good hands on the building site.

To ensure a smooth process from start to finish, we also make our experience available to the Project Manager, Main Contractor and/or the Installer, advising on:

  • Cladding component manufacturing.
  • Setting our the layout design.
  • Correct handling and care of the material on site.
  • Correct forming of details.

Aimed at Architects

elZinc® organizes technical training days and presentations at Colleges of Architecture and architectural offices covering available finishes, surface weathering, system selection, design, and installation of zinc cladding, including maintenance and approximate installed prices.

If you would like to get additional information, do not hesitate to contact us or send us the following form:

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