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Coils and sheets

The high quality of EN988-certified elZinc® sheets and coils is by combining the latest cutting edge technologies available on the market with strict quality control.

Main features

Made of zinc with a minimum initial purity of 99.995% as per EN 1179, elZinc sheets and coils are characterised by:

  • High malleability in any rolling direction.
  • High stability after forming.
  • Optimal electrowelding performance due to low surface oil.
  • Low-cold temperature brittleness.

All elZinc® rolled products comply with norms EN988 and ASTM B69-13 (USA), and are a always designed to meet the highest possible standards of quality.

elZinc’s rolled products, which are available in natural or in pre-patinated finishes are ideal for:

  • Cladding and roofing.
  • Rainwater drainage accessories.

Available manufacturing options:

  • Rolling thicknesses: from 0,2 mm to 3 mm
  • Rolling widths: from 70 mm to 1.340 mm
  • Coil weights: from 50 kg to 10.000 kg

Schematic of the elZinc® manufacturing process

1. Melting and casting
Production of the Ti-Zn-Cu alloy and 12-ton, 8 mm lap thick master coils.

3. Cutting and packing
Sheets and coils are cut to the final width and length and packed for shipment.

2. Rolling
Master coils are rolled on a reversible, four-high mill to produce the desired thickness.

4. Special finishes
Production of the pre-patinated surface finishes.

Main advantages

  • Durability: elZinc® has a very long life. One of the most important characteristics of zinc is that it is very resistant to atmospheric corrosion. The patina that develops on its surface after a short time is self-healing, ensuring the material´s attractive appearance lasts for decades.
  • Sustainibility:Zinc is one of the few materials used in construction that can be recycled indefinitely without losing its physical and chemical characteristics.
  • Malleability: elZinc® conforms to practically any shape including bends and complex geometric forms. This gives architects great freedom in their designs.


  • Appearance: elZinc® is a contemporary material which is perfectly suited to all types of architecture, both in classical and modern.
  • Variety: elZinc® offers a huge variety of surface aspects which creates a vast number of design possibilities.


elZinc Alkimi®

elZinc Rainbow®