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Benefits of Zinc in Architecture

Used as a building material since the 19th century, zinc has countless aesthetic and functional advantages that make it a highly prized building material even today. The intrinsic qualities of zinc combined with elZinc® state-of-the-art technologies and rigorous quality protocol, produce an exceptionally high-quality zinc.

Building with elZinc® Ensures Exceptional Durability

Designed to endure, titanium -zinc from elZinc is a long-lasting material that maintains its properties intact over the lifetime of the building.  One of most significant properties of zinc is its high corrosion resistance. Titanium-zinc is a living material and develops a self-healing patina throughout its lifetime that continually protects it and confers to it a characteristically unique appearance.  In addition, elZinc® doesn´t require special maintenance during its long service life.

Choosing elZinc Ensures your Projects for Life

From day one, we have opted for innovation and excellence in our products and services. This philosophy and our full confidence in our products make it possible to offer you a warranty that covers your elZinc Astur® and elZinc Slate® projects for life*.  

* See elZinc Warranty Terms

Creating in elZinc Frees your Imagination

Its natural origin and changing reflections make elZinc® zinc an extraordinarily versatile material.

It can blend in with its surroundings or, on the contrary, highlight the unique character of a façade, depending on the desired effect.

With its exceptional malleability and remarkable lightness, it adapts to the most unusual and complex geometries. It can be placed both on gently sloping roofs (with a minimum 5% slope) and on façades.

Ventajas del zinc

Using elZinc® Means Caring for the Environment

As a natural component of the lithosphere and essential for any form of life, zinc is also a sustainable building material allowing the construction of environmentally friendly buildings.

It is one of the few building materials that can be 100% recycled indefinitely and without losing any of its chemical and mechanical properties. In addition, its production requires little energy compared to other metals used in the construction sector.

Zinc doesn´t have to be grey

elZinc produces a wide range of grey and colourful pre-weathered finishes that give a glimpse of the zinc pattern. Our wide range of surface finishes and the numerous possible combinations, as well as the many types of installation systems available nowadays, offer a host of possibilities for the inside and outside of buildings.

More Safety with elZinc

Building fire safety depends on several factors, among which there is the fire performance of the materials used.  For such an important issue, it is imperative to choose materials that comply with current regulations.

For this reason, elZinc is an ideal material for projects that require functional and attractive envelopes, which should also be non-combustible for roof or façade cladding. Our portfolios of finishes, both aesthetic (elZinc Alkimi and elZinc Rainbow) and technical (elZinc Advance and elZinc Protect+), are classified, following the European Reaction to Fire Classification System, as A1 – non-combustible as per the UNE-EN 13501-1:2007+A1:2010 standard.