Our Commitment

elZinc® is committed to environmental protection, promoting practices that ensure sustainable development by using the best, most advanced technologies available in the market to develop our business:

  • Our sustainable purchase policy and the location of our main supplier of raw materials located in the same region (Asturias) as our facilities ensure minimal environmental impact from transport.
  • The technology elZinc® employs in its production processes uses machinery and plant which are characterised for their low energy consumption and more efficient use of raw materials. If rolled zinc products generally require less energy than other building materials to produce, elZinc®’s technological efficiency further reduces this energy requirement, make it an even wiser choice.
GPW¹ (Kg CO2-Eq) 3,5 – 3,7
ODP² (Kg CFC11-Eq) 3,3 x 10-7
AP ³ (Kg SO2-EQ)  2,3 x 10-2

1. Global warming potential.
2. Ozone-depleting potential.
3. Acidification potential