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elZinc® carries out its business in a “Premium” product market, irrespective of the product’s final application.  This applies both to building as well as to industrial applications, in which the expectation is to achieve, in terms of product and service, the highest levels of quality and durability, exceeding those of other substitute materials.  This is a consequence of the product´s benefits as well as its aesthetic, constructive, and future maintenance aspects, in those applications or projects for which it is chosen.

Being perfectly aware from the outset of this competitive climate, within the project of Asturiana de Laminados all industrial design, objectives and processes were conceived for this business environment.

Furthermore, Asturiana de Laminados has within its DNA a permanent drive to develop new applications or to improve those existing for elZinc. We know that one can always ask for more, and that it is always possible for one to even go that little bit further.

From its very birth, elZinc® has placed great importance on gaining new knowledge that facilitates the creation of different products, services or processes, as well as contributing to considerably improve those existing.  To this end it boasts an innovative department structure shared between quality, research and development, and innovation (R+D+i).

The close contact between market reality and daily difficulties, the constant search for advances and new technical solutions, makes hitting targets associated with our production processes more efficient.  On the other hand, the easy flow of information between our clients and the quality department nourishes the objectives of our R+D+i department in its drive to develop new solutions that take us nearer to excellency in zinc.

This innovative structure has allowed elZinc® to make many important advances in just a few years, and are for us the foundation of our rapid growth in the world’s zinc market.